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Dental Plans


Today's Dental can provide each individual with a personally customized plan for all of their dental needs. Because we maintain our on-site laboratory, we can perform virtually any necessary procedure here in our offices. Other clinics may 'farm out' or refer patients to other 'specialists', each of which then requires a new visit to a different office. Such a process can even lead to conflict between the various offices. Today's Dental can almost always provide start to finish care, from simple long term cleaning and maintenance to aesthetics and total mouth reconstruction. We believe that we will be able to produce the best positive results for each of our clients, cheaper, faster, and with a higher quality of care and aesthetics, regardless of the extent of the work that is needed to restore a patient's dental health. Because of the range of his advanced training, Dr. Hamid can perform many functions and procedures that other dentists cannot do, especially not keeping the process in one convenient and safe location. At Today's Dental, we have always felt that this is and always will be the best way to treat our customers.


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