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Dental Orthdontics


Orthodontia, using standard braces or a new Invisalign system, is one of the best ways to achieve the perfect smile that you desire. We specialize in the realignment of teeth for crowding or in cases of multiple extractions to bring you to a perfect and beautiful result. With the Invisalign technology, there is no physical attaching or bonding of anything to the teeth. Instead, an imprint is taken of your mouth and teeth, which is then used to create a digital model of your mouth structure. Computer modeling can then be used to create a series of plastic trays that fit over your teeth to safely and painlessly realign them, and are virtually unnoticeable. These are used eight hours a day, can be worn sleeping, and are comfortable enough to forget you are even wearing them. This product truly lives up to its name and is nearly invisible and unnoticeable. We specialize in adult and dental phobic orthodontia, and also in juvenile braces and procedures. Invisalign can be used safely and painlessly on any of these groups and is the perfect solution for adult braces. This can be a long term procedure and can take eighteen to twenty-four months, but can be painless and unnoticed for the whole of that time.


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