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Surgical Procedures


Dr. Hamid is fully qualified to perform surgical procedures, from simple extractions to complication reconstruction, including the latest technology of Immediate Dental Implants. Unlike ordinary dental implants, where a cylindrical hole is drilled in the bone of the jaw and a titanium base is inserted, which then takes six to eight months for the bone to heal and form around it to provide the necessary stability to hold the artificial tooth. Immediate implants use a special expanding titanium screw that locks itself into the jaw, usually in as little as two to three weeks. These can be used to replace a single tooth or reconstruct an entire arch. These procedures must be undertaken with extreme care, especially when there has already been bone loss, especially bone loss associated with periodontitis (gum disease). Surgery on the upper jaw must take into account the areas closest to the sinuses, while on the lower jaw, the doctor is concerned with the nerve that is aligned with the mandible. This solution is also ideal for dental issues relating to other health problems, including diabetes and hypertension. Regardless, when planning or considering any such procedure, make sure you have the most highly skilled practitioner available. Dr. Hamid and Today's Dental are confident that they provide the best possible service.


dental surgical procedures

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