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Dental Clinic Whitening


There are many whitening products to choose from today, many of which can be dangerous or damaging to teeth and gums, but we have been careful to select from only the best and safest. We use Zoom, an ultra-oxygenated gel, that is further activated through the use of a specialized laser. The gel itself is harmless, but where hydrogen peroxide is three percent oxygen, this exclusive gel is forty-five percent oxygen. It is applied to the teeth in the office with a special translucent tray, usually for three twenty-minute sessions. During the procedure, laser light is applied to gel which is in contact with the teeth. The patient feels nothing and is perfectly safe. Teeth become stained when food particles, cigarette smoke or coffee particles attach themselves to the teeth. The Zoom whitening process both acts to bleach away any color and also to remove the particles themselves. Teeth are usually lightened in color by five to six shades immediately. The patient then receives an additional kit and instructions to take home with them and use after the dental visit to further whiten and enhance the teeth. This home kit is also totally painless, of course. We feel that the Zoom system is the finest, safest and most effective dental whitening product available today.


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