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We now offer our Ten Day Service Guarantee for many procedures, including dentures, crowns, porcelain veneers for time-sensitive or emergencies, especially where a patient must attend a special function such as a wedding, graduation, or for an important business meeting. We are one of the only dentists in our area who can perform this type of service and most importantly, to do so while adhering to our standards of excellence in all procedures. Only by maintaining a high-quality laboratory within our facility is this possible. Any of these procedures can still be done with minimal pain and with the latest technology, even for dental phobic patients who we offer premedication and even Dental Anesthesia. Even on those procedures where we cannot offer an absolute Ten Day Guarantee of start to finish service, we still have the most rapid turnaround times, especially for those more complex procedures that involve intensive laboratory work. We are sure that regardless of your necessary time frame, Dr. Hamid and Today's Dental can produce the highest quality results using the latest technology, and can do it more rapidly and with less discomfort than any other dental facility in the Tri-State area.


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